Review Real Racing 3 Android Game

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F1 racing is a vehicle race of the highest international level, approved by the International Automobile Federation. This race is officially carried out on a unique field, such as at the Indianapolis Speedway or the Bahrain International Circuit. It is a coordinated race.

Get ready for this F1 race with Electronic Arts in their title game racing on smartphones, Real Racing 3!

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Real Racing 3 is a racing game that includes F1 mode, using a licensed racing field. 40 circuits are involved in it, which are located in 19 real places in the world. You will be guided to become a seasoned racer and try to be number one. Can you do it?

How to play
For racing, players have presented a choice of many different control methods. Control of the vehicle is divided into three: using the tilt alias tilting the smartphone, using a virtual car steering wheel on the touch screen, or using virtual buttons. Also, to brake, players can touch the screen on the tilt control or touch the virtual controller’s brake button.

Control Assistance
This game provides three control aids for players’ convenience, namely steering assistance, brake assistance, and slippery settings. These three aids are turned on by default, so even an unacceptable player can become reliable racers in the field.

However, suppose the player wants more realistically control of the car. They can lower the level of this assistance or even turn it off. Usually, their vehicles will be faster for those who are useful than those who use this assistance.

Not Formula 1 Only
Real Racing 3 has a pretty solid game cycle. Enter the races and try winning the races to earn money, use the money to upgrade vehicles, or buy new cars.

Many types of racing can be enjoyed by players, so it’s not just Formula 1. There are also Nascar races, Gt4, European race, Endurance, and so on, all of which provide high playing value.

Using The Real World as a Template
Real Racing 3 appears beautifully using a three-dimensional F1 vehicle model. Many vehicles from various brands are presented in it, from Porsche, Bugatti, Chevrolet, Aston Martin, to Audi. Each circuit also looks beautiful and real, like the Silverstone circuit, Hockenheimring, Le Mans, Dubai Autodrome, Yas Marina, Circuit of the Americas, and many more. To be sure, according to the title, this F1 race in Real Racing 3 really feels fast and real.

Need Online for Multiplayer
Technically, the Real Racing 3 game, presented with a free-to-play business model, can be played single-player offline. But since the game itself focuses on racing against other players, players will only run if they are online.

Moreover, the game also has interesting online features, like tournaments, time trials, leaderboards, etc. As usual, there is a micro-transaction feature for purchasing all kinds of things, including cheap packages, money, to premium gold currency.

Max Money and Waiting Time
Even though the game doesn’t seem to have a stamina system, players are given restrictions on the money they can get in rewards every day. If you reach this limit, the player will not get any more money and wait until the next day. Players will also be asked to wait whenever they upgrade their vehicle and perform services if damaged.

Are you ready for this challenging game? This is the opportunity to go to a challenging racing arena. Your adrenaline will be racing, and your boredom will disappear instantly.

Yeah, it’s time for you to race fast wherever you are with Real Racing 3, a racing game that you must try!

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