Android 10 Review Almost Perfectly Similar to iOS

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We could say this is the most controversial Android version ever released by Google. Because it looks more like Apple’s iOS. Google also eliminates the name of the dessert that has been sticking to Android for a long time!

Suppose you compare the navigation gestures on Android 10 with iOS. In that case, it turns out that they have quite a lot of similarities. The most similar is in the multi-tasking section (when you switch apps), and the gestures are very similar.

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Google still provides its own characteristics, such as the gesture navigation on Android 10 is the back button to pop up from the screen’s side.

You could say this is something brilliant and makes it easy for many users. However, the gesture navigation on Android 10 still needs polish to have a more robust result. Especially when the applications have a side menu.

Google Has Finally Joined The Dark Side
Perhaps this is the most anticipated by Android users around the world! Google joined the dark side and brought a black theme to all “pure” Android OS elements. If you still feel less, you can activate Override force-dark in the developer options menu, which will force an application to create a theme. Its own darkness.

However, because this is a kind of compulsion, the results are not satisfactory. There are still many black and white combinations that are quite messy in some applications.

Smart Reply & Suggested Actions feature
Have you ever imagined that you can immediately open it from the incoming notification? Well, on Android 10, you can do this!

Addresses, telephone (contacts), websites, and various other things can open directly from notifications using specific applications on Android 10. Thanks to the Smart Reply & Suggested Actions feature!

Sharing Wi-Fi on Android 10 just got a lot easier with a QR Code!
Of the many minor features added by Google, such as digital wellbeing or tighter privacy settings and manual silent options for some application notifications, I find it helpful to have various Wi-Fi features with QR codes.

Why is it so useful? Because you don’t type in the password anymore. Just scan the QR Code that your friend has prepared, and your cellphone will automatically connect to the Wi-Fi network.

Still Waiting for The Live Captions Feature
Actually, there is one of the coolest features in Android 10 that Google hasn’t released yet. Live Caption is a feature that will display a kind of Caption (subtitles) from various media that shows a sound, whether it’s videos, podcasts, and the like.

Of course, the goal is evident. The audience can more easily understand what the sound source is saying. Sometimes, several words are similar and difficult to distinguish.

This feature does not require an internet connection because you only need 80MB of data (Live Caption) on your internal. You can immediately activate it when the audio on videos, podcasts, and various other things starts, including video calls! Very cool, right?

In conclusion….
Android 10 is a great OS and is the version of Android. This OS makes it easier for users to interact with their smartphones and the Android revolution for the future.

In this 10th version, Google has provided a significant overhaul in the essential elements of Android (navigation system). The results are very well the score is 9/10.

That doesn’t mean it’s a perfect OS (because there are some problems that Google has to solve first)! It’s just that this is an update I highly recommend for those of you who like “pure” Android.

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