5 android games release 2021

5 Best Android Games Release This Year!

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Are you feeling bored or exhausted from playing the same game?

I have news for Android game lovers. Do you have heard enough about new release games? Many games appeared in 2021.

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You may already be looking to the presence of these following games. They will accompany your challenging days. Say goodbye to boredom. Greet enthusiastically to a joyful day. A hearty welcome to the best new games of 2021!

1. Pokemon Unite
In June 2020, the Pokemon Company announced this Pokemon Unite. Pokemon Unite Game is quietly different from the previous Pokemon Games. Pokemon Unite typically comes with a five vs. five battle arena concept, or commonly known as MOBA.

Another good news is this game for mobile devices such as iOS or Android and on the Nintendo Switch Console. Wow, it naturally looks like this mobile game will be fascinating. But we have to wait for the official release, guys!

2. Project Cars Go
In September 2020, Slightly Mad Studios gleefully announced the latest racing game, coming soon on mobile devices. The game is Project Cars Go. This mobile game is also different from the console or PC versions. Project Cars Go again offers “One Touch” control scenarios that can make the racing experience a lot more enjoyable, even more comfortable to play.

The excellent news is that Project Cars Go will be released in 2021. Well, this also looks like it will be much more exciting, Guys. Surely you will also be happy with this latest racing game. Hmmm, let’s wait.

3. Diablo Immortal
It seems that this game always wants to win but doesn’t want to lose. Diablo Immortal will still release his newest games. It will be precisely a mobile game developed by Blizzard Entertainment with NetEase.

The mobile game initially appeared on Blizzcon in 2018, and it’s been very challenging to receive many rejections from loyal fans. At that time, fans typically expected the official announcement of Diablo 4 to be published. Still, it was Diablo Mobile that finally came out.

However, the Diablo Immortal mobile game will be released in 2021. How are you curious about this one mobile game?

4. Project Odin
Lionheart Studio has previously reported that in 2019, with a pretty good mobile game project. This memorable game is an MMORPG game with realistic graphic quality with an action gameplay approach.

This mobile game was carefully developed using Unreal Engine 4. It correctly used 3D scan and motion capture technology, naturally strengthening the excellent impression of being realistic.

And the ambitious plan for this Project Odin mobile game will be released in 2021. Hopefully, you are patiently waiting.

5. Apex Legends Mobile
Who doesn’t know in this one mobile game? Yups, this is Apex Legends mobile.

In October 2020, EA Games, as the Apex Legends publisher was officially reported the developed Battle Royale game would be available on the mobile version.

Especially Apex Legends Mobile will be released in 2021. Unfortunately, we have to wait longer until September 30, 2021.
Previously, Apex Legends, which was released on February 4, 2019, was already a success. Did it result in the same success in 2021?

Wow, you definitely won’t be missed to install if it is released. So be patient to wait for the Apex Legends Mobile, guys!

Those are the five games on Android that will be released in 2021. These games will undoubtedly be even more challenging than in previous years.

2021 will be a tense year for these new games. Looks like the competition will be very tough. We will see later. Among the five games, which one excites you the most?

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